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Principles of scripture interpretation

One should rigorously test all one's conclusions drawn from Scripture by looking through these principles. Although not exhaustive, in our experience they are sufficient to provide a reasonable degree of certainty and peace of mind that the knowledge achieved is correct.

Helping you practice this skill is one of the goals of this section of the website.


Luke 10:25 And behold, one learned in the Law stood up and wanted to test him: "Teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?" 26 Jesus said to him, "What is written in the Law? How do you read it?"

Jesus calls on the questioner not only to know the Law, but also to be able to interpret, explain and interpret the Law. The study of God's Word is essentially an art of interpretation, or skill"read between the lines". At the beginning there is a reasoning based on "common sense".


It is necessary to decide whether a certain child is boy or girl.

The following data (arguments, evidence) are available - the child has:

1. Pink clothes  //2. Coral  //3. Earrings  //4. Bracelets  //5. Bows in hair  //6. Guts  //7. Skirt  //8. Long hair

But (!) - There is a male genital organ in the incriminated place on the body!


It's a baby boy. (Probably at a masquerade ball, dressed as a princess)


Eight arguments pointed to a little girl, one single argument with a higher value "beat" all the previous eight. What is the difference between these arguments?

The eight were argumentsINDIRECT, or notMULTIPLE SIGNIFICANT! (They can mean either one or the other...)

That one is an argumentDIRECT, or notCLEAR! (It can only mean one thing...)

List of Wikipasswords


This is a list of passwords created by the author* or significantly supplemented within the project of the Internet encyclopedia - Wikipedia. All these passwords are processed in their founding version based on the principles stated on this website.


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